Brian Evans Photographer

They say, “every picture tells a story”, and behind these pictures you see, is the very talented eye of Brian Evans Photographer from Queensbury, NY, who did our most recent professional photo shoot, at his brand new studio!  We were fortunate enough to be Brian’s first photo subjects, for his brand new professional photography studio, and we felt right at home, almost immediately.  Brian had the band laughing, with a lot of very cool and creative ideas, and we had a whole lotta fun doing the shoot.

Brian has been involved in photography, since he was a young boy, and his Grandmother gave him his first Kodak Instamatic 104 camera on his seventh birthday. Brian’s Father, always had a 35mm camera around the house, as well, so Brian would use that, every chance he could.

Brian worked with cameras well into High School and College, where he and his colleagues had to develop their own film, create their art in the darkroom, and also learned lighting and cropping techniques.

In the mid eighties, Brian decided to give shooting weddings a go.  He did his research and copied lighting, styles and poses in Bridal publications as there was no google back then.  Fast forward to 2017, and Brian Evans has established quite a niche in the world of professional photography, combining many of the styles and tricks that he observed, of many other photographers adding a bit of each, to his repertoire of great photography work.

Brian takes much care with each image, trying to bring the best out in every photo.  Now that digital photography comes into play, Brian has ultimate control over the finished product, and has been able to take photography to the next level, by doing a lot of extra things, that many photographers don’t or won’t do, both on the pre and the post side of the photography process, as you can see in our band pictures.

The Master Cylinders would like to thank Brian Evans for his hard work and dedication, and putting together a fantastic package of photos for us to use for our band business.  We highly recommend, Brian for your next project.


For more information and to reserve Brian Evans Photographer to professionally shoot your next event, visit his official website at or call at (518) 615-4778.