Siro’s Restaurant, Saratoga Springs, NY

We would like to thank our business associates at Siro’s Restaurant for working with us every year, and helping to make our performances, fun filled, and memorable.  Over the years, The Master Cylinders have had the privilege of performing in front of thousands of  track goers, who attend Saratoga Harness annually, and venture over to Siro’s for great food and the best live entertainment. 

The Master Cylinders are known at Siro’s as “one of the hardest working bands in show business”, and we take great pride in performing long sets, with short breaks, for longer lasting crowds, and maximum revenue opportunities.

We would also like to thank Moon, who not only does a fantastic job running sound at Siro’s, but can multi-task several bands in any given day. Just make sure he has coffee. 🙂

We recommend Siro’s Restaurant for great food and a great time, anytime.

Siro’s is characterized by timeless elegance & uncompromising, personalized service and attention to detail. It was branded on the belief that dining is an experience & food should be celebrated on the basis of its character.


The origin of the restaurant’s name dates back to 1945 when Jimmy Siro, maitre d’ at the Waldorf Astoria, purchased the Lincoln Avenue eatery that was known as The Maranese Restaurant. And it was off to the races for this trackside restaurant. A Saratoga institution, the original Siro’s has been a staple on the upstate social circuit since it opened.

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